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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Diagnoses, Treatments & Unmet Needs

IBS, Pharmaceuticals, Treatments, Diagnosis Trends
This interview is with a medical gynecologist. The discussion covers symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment for patients with the digestive disorder IBS, with additional insights for these in the context of pregnancy. The expert further elaborates on specific prescription medications' with regards to efficacy, costs, and incentives for use in treatment. The entry of a new drug is discussed and the market impact is assessed. The objective of the interview is to identity determinants of treatments for patients and discuss the market for prescription medicines in Mexico.
Companies Mentioned
Dicetel, Alevian-Duo, Libertrim, Debridat, Pemix, Zelmac, Lactulax, Contumax, Amitiza, Propulsid, Pinaverium Bromide, Plasil, Carnotprim
This interview was part of a larger study including over 40 interviews with specialists in Mexico.
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Read the full transcript of an interview with a Gynecologist on the subject of IBS in the case of pregnant women in Mexico;

Find out about the drivers behind the prescription of a certain type of medication;

Map the competitive landscape by learning about prescription trends for the major drugs in the market;

Understand the possibility of having a new drug enter the market and how this would change the landscape. 

1. How do you typically diagnose a patient with IBS-C? Does your approach to making a diagnosis differ from the way you diagnose patients with CC? Do you think that there is overlap in these conditions?

2. What is your approach to treatment for IBS-C? What are your typical first-line, second-line, and third-line treatments?

3. What is your perception of the current unmet need in the treatment of IBS-C for therapies that are more effective and safe? (1=low unmet need 7=high unmet need)

4. What is the primary reason to move a patient from an OTC medication to a prescription medication? Or to add a prescription medication to a current OTC treatment?

5. In your opinion, if a new treatment for IBS/CC entered the Mexican market, what factors could improve penetration into the Mexican market?

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