Our Compliance Policy

Compliance is the cornerstone of Atheneum's service policy. We have a customized legal framework that has been developed through experience, consultation with independent legal counsels and auditing firms and by benchmarking against industry best practices.

Five Steps For Compliance Assurance


Atheneum professionals check for compliance during thorough screening calls with each expert


All AEP experts read and sign Atheneum's Terms & Conditions outlining compliance and non-disclosure rules


Experts receive a consultation invitation reiterating compliance and non-disclosure rules


Atheneum professionals call experts shortly before the consultation to stress the importance of compliance and answer any questions


Experts receive a call after each consultation to verify the consultation quality and gather feedback

Compliance Principles & Practices that Govern All Consultations

Conflict of Interest

Experts are required to disclose any conflicts of interest that may arise between an expert’s membership and participation in Atheneum projects.


Experts agree to respect the confidentiality of all client agreements. All information discussed during client-expert interactions, as well as the client’s identity is to remain confidential unless explicit consent is granted.

External Obligations

Our terms and conditions require experts to respect any external obligations they have towards third parties and seek consent if necessary.

Audit Trailing

Relevant compliance officers may request reports about discussions that take place between experts and clients that include information about the expert’s profile and background.


Atheneum professionals are trained on an ongoing basis in accordance with legal and audit requirements. All employees, experts and clients are bound to a compliance policy to protect all parties.

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